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Class 1 Settle In Brilliantly With The Help Of Their Buddies!

Welcome Class 1 parents to our school family! Your children have made a great start to school and are already remarkably settled and calm! Well done to our older buddies who have supported them so well.

For the benefit of our new families but a good reminder to everyone, our regular Friday newsletter is our key way of communicating to parents. If you take the time to scan over it, you will quickly work out if any events are happening next week for your children – I tend to highlight more important things in shaded blue boxes and events happening next week you don’t want to miss on the ‘post-it note’. Put simply, if you read the newsletter you can’t miss anything! I also add a list of general letters sent during the week so you can work out if you have missed one. If, for whatever reason you miss a letter or newsletter, ask in the office for a copy.